For Founders
Great sellers aren’t born, they’re made. Inkly helps founders put sales theory into practice.
Create powerful
Impress your prospect
Demonstrate that you understand them better than the competition by playing their words back at them and by presenting solutions relevant to their challenges.
Empower your champion
Equip them with everything they need for a defensible business case that makes them look great in front of their team.
Win their team’s approval
Work with your champion to address the needs of decision makers, drive next steps, and get the deal done.
Sales Frameworks

Build a sales framework that works best for your business, then execute on it with ease.

Mutual Action Plan

Drive next steps for the deal, POC, onboarding, and more.

What is a “Champion”?
Why is it important to empower a “Champion”?
Why is Inkly better than emails and attachments?
Why is Inkly better than Google Sheets?
How do the best Founders use Inkly?
What kind of content should I include?
Who can access these workspaces?
Empower Buyers.
Win Customers.
Together, we’re building the future of B2B collaboration.
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