Slay your sales redlines

An intelligent contract negotiation platform in your pocket, with attorneys on-demand

Close them all

Close your deals faster

Inkly streamlines how a contract flows through your organization from redline to signature by pulling in the right people at the right time, but only when you need them (yes, even your lawyers).

Accelerate your sales with AI
Supercharge your negotiations, supershrink your bills.

Negotiate with credibility

Inkly learns as you negotiate and presents data-backed suggestions to help you and your customers come to agreement. Have hesitations in pushing back? Inkly empowers you to say “yes” or “no” with confidence.

Scale your sales org with consistency

Inkly builds you a dynamic playbook to keep your team aligned as it grows and to reduce reliance on any one person. Does it really make sense for your CRO to spend 10 hours a week on PDFs and redlines? 

Dynamic playbooks to boost your sales strategy

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